Our Team

philip mossop the green house was founded in 2006 by Philip Mossop and Robert Twiselton and now has a full-time team of over 35 and grows year on year.

With customer retention at 7 years in some cases, the focus is on listening to customer needs in an ever changing landscape and ensuring delivery. We have evolved the green house into a strong leader in sustainability and have a reputation for innovative cost saving abilities in all areas of waste management, energy and carbon reduction.

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This company has evolved through strong leadership and clear direction and is built to deliver what the customer wants. Business success is not a dark art, but a combination of doing the right things and the right time with the right people.

We manage over 5,000 sites across the UK and handled over 500,000 waste and recycling collections in 2012 and managed over £25 million of energy spend, saving over 100,000 tonnes of Carbon and diverting almost 80,000 tonnes of waste from landfill.

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