Before we used the green house we had over 200 invoices deal with every month, now we have one. Caffe Nero

Hospitality and Leisure

Our clients expect the very best in service from Exclusive Hotels and we in turn expect the same from our supply partners. Exclusive Hotels


We have completed over 100 construction projects with the green house over the last 2 years and have been very impressed with the way they operate. H&M

Logistics and Distribution

The green house will do all they can to support your requirements to a high standard. Madison Bikes


Our desire as a business to drive environmental improvements, particularly the diversion of waste from landfill has been turned into reality with the green house. Porsche UK

FM & Property Management

Waste as a concept has long since gone in our eyes and we must view everything we throw away as a potential resource. MJ Mapp

Waste and Recycling Made Easy. Watch it in action!

Gain control over your recycling performance.

We provide waste and recycling services for some of the UK's leading businesses helping them to reduce landfill and increase recycling.
Our core business is providing strategy, service support, analysis and engagement to our clients who want to improve their waste and recycling systems within their business.

An amazing technology platform.

Giving our customers access to their recycling data and allowing them to interact with it in meaningful ways just makes sense.

That is why the green house has built a world-class platform called Campus. It's available on web and mobile devices and is split into four modules of Services, Analytics, Billing and Engagement.

Next generation service management.

Giving our customers the very best in service level support is what we live for at the green house.
Our teams that support your business include Customer Care who manage day to day communication with and services at each of your sites; our Commercial team that manage your suppliers and our Solutions Team that work with your organisation to find ways to measure and improve your recycling performance.

Our clients

Latest blog

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    March 8, 2013

    In March 2013 the green house and will be launching mobile versions of our sustainability application, Campus. We often get feedback from Area Managers,

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    March 8, 2013

    In 2010 the green house recognised the need to provide data to customers in meaningful ways that just made sense. Service reports, statistics, real-time notifications

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    March 8, 2013

    We have had an incredibly busy start to 2013 with some terrific new customers taking up the green house sustainability services. We welcome to the

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    March 8, 2013

    After a lot of hard work by our team we are very pleased to say we have successfully retained our status of ISO14000 and 9000 accreditations for

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    November 7, 2011

    I love bonfire night. It brings back very fond memories for me from when I was a Kid. I remember getting ready to go down to

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