So this is Christmas and what have you done?

We hear these words every year and every year they may mean something or maybe they don’t mean something. Maybe they just pass us by with all the other Christmas traffic – shopping, turkeys, top of the pops, the snowman and Nigella.

Whatever the weather, all of it is part and parcel and the very fabric of what we know is Christmas. I love Christmas and like to think that I celebrate it in the way it was originally intended as a celebration of life, love and family. Sure I am thinking about that IPAD under the Christmas tree and looking forward to watching Chevy Chase blow up his front garden trying to outdo the neighbours with his Christmas light parade for the 20th time. But really – Christmas is about spending time with those very special people that are there for you throughout the year rain or shine. Now before you think that this is like any other Christmas lover preaching about the real spirit of Christmas – it isn’t.

Confused? Don’t be. Now you would not be wrong in thinking – where is the environmental angle here? after all this is the green house blog! Well here it comes..

Again Christmas is about spending time with those very special people in your life and casting back your mind through the year that’s been.¬†We all ask ourselves the question? What I can do differently next year to make it better to make things right with my world? Well – I was asking myself that same question this week and then thinking – my world – what about – our world?

Maybe this year we should all spare a thought for the world that we live in and find a way to make a real difference. Rather than just joining that gym or refraining from biting our nails next year why don’t we try to create real change and make a resolution that will help the world we live in.

Now by this stage you are probably thinking that we at the green house have been probably sipping too much mulled wine in the run up to Christmas. Well – we haven’t – not yet anyway. I and we (the green house) are very passionate about the world we live in. So with all the sentiment that surrounds Christmas please forgive us and lets us indulge in these ideas.

So – I was thinking of my year, and indeed have I done? what car i have driven? how many flights abroad I have taken? Where I have bought my groceries? what choices I have made? have i switched the sky plus box off before going to bed? even down to how long i spend in the shower before going to work!

It can go crazy and you can go on and on and on and on………

But seriously as Phil Collins once said, we all can make a difference to the world we live in, your world, my world, our world. Right?

So Why, what and where? – in simple terms what am i really saying? i guess i am saying that we should all look at the way we live and how we live it. Its that big old chestnut – the carbon footprint. What is it really? and can I make a real difference or is it just a load of old cobblers!

I recently picked up a very interesting book about carbon. It made me think of all those little things we take for granted and don’t even spare a thought for. Everything becomes automatic – but every action, every movement has a impact on our environment – whether its leaving that cold tap on for an extra minute why we brush or putting that piece of cardboard in the recycling bin rather than in general waste it all makes a difference. Really it does!

They say that a pet isn’t just for Christmas well lets apply that to our resolutions – neither should be the ideas that we wish to put into play for the year ahead or indeed for life.

So again … so this is Christmas and what have you done?

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