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In 2010 the green house recognised the need to provide data to customers in meaningful ways that just made sense. Service reports, statistics, real-time notifications and audit trails all formed a central part of this and our customers tell us they have been really pleased with the results. Having anytime access to your transparent and traceable data is and always will be a core tenet of the green house service and philosophy.

Fast forwarding to 2013 and we will be launching our 3rd generation of sustainability software, known as Campus. A completely cloud based solution for web and mobile devices putting all your sustainability data right in your pocket.

And we haven’t stopped with waste. We have added a full suite of sustainability metrics that will allow you to capture data and generate useful analytics on your business. For example, alongside waste we have energy, water, transportation fuels, travel and social data to give you a complete 360 degree view of your sustainable performance.

So once the green house has given you the ability to measure the effectiveness of every part of your business, it’s logical that we help you improve it. Built with Financial Directors in mind, our amazing Engagement Cloud allows you plan and model programs for all of your assets showing ROI alongside Co2e impacts for each program implementation. Flip between a birdseye view of your organisation showing all your planned changes, the total costs/savings and an asset level view and you will see budget requirements for each store. It’s an incredible way to plan your sustainability campaigns and a completely logical extension to our curent software offerings to our customers.

Campus is currently in development in our labs and will be available to all customers in Q3 of 2013.

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