New Customers in 2013

We have had an incredibly busy start to 2013 with some terrific new customers taking up the green house sustainability services. We welcome to the fold:

Dwell [singlepic id=81 w=240 h=180 float=right]

the green house took over the management of services and sustainability strategy for waste and recycling at the National Distribution Centre and seven retail sites for this well known furniture retailer. After carrying out detailed audits we have installed several new systems that have led to a huge increase in diversion from landfill at 85%, a reverse logistics platform to return valuable recyclables from stores to DC and even a social enterprise who can take furniture that doesn’t make the grade for retail but passes safety checks. Oh, and did we say that this has all resulted in annual cost savings of 45%?

Harper Collins [singlepic id=80 w=240 h=180 float=right]Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 12.39.42

Being on the largest book publishers in the UK it would come as no surprise that Harper Collins had a reasonable solution in place for recycling paper amongst other wastes. Never ones to shirk a challenge however, the green house will be implementing a new solution that will see the old model of compactors and other redundant machinery removed and replaced with a more efficient waste process which will help with the increase of capturing of valuable commodities and the further diversion of wastes from landfill, a more uniformed system across the whole business and on demand information, compliance and analytics via our cloud sustainability application, Campus.

Rodericks [singlepic id=82 w=320 h=240 float=right]

A chain of dentistry practices this company had over 20 service providers.The headache of managing this quickly went away when the green house provided a managed solution. One point of contact, one company managing services, one consolidated invoice and reporting, with a revised service offering taking source recycling to 75%, a big step from 35% which saved a considerable amount of money in the process.

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