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The biggest challenge facing FM and Property Managers is the fast moving pace of change in their business. Tenants and clients come and go, assets are added and disposed but the FM or Property Manager in charge needs to keep up with monitoring the day to day services as well as, increasingly, sustainable performance.


We can help in two ways; by creating a replica model of the client structures on our Technology Platform, Campus, we are able to quickly check and monitor performance as well as add, delete and move assets around making tracking and reporting on data and performance really simple. We can also provide some really innovative services from asset audits to client/tenant communications through our Professional Services team that build tailored solutions for each and every asset you manage.

We have done this successfully for hundreds of assets worth billions of pounds and have won awards for the work we have done. You can read more about that on our About Us page.

[expand title=”How we can help with waste and recycling” rel=”features-highlander” findme=”auto”]

IMG_7321 1We start from the inside and work our way out, ensuring that the bins inside your building re?ect the needs of the occupiers, but allow for maximum separation. Then we make sure everyone, including the cleaners have a clear understanding of what is required back of house. This holistic approach ensures high uptake of recycling systems and delivers high outputs of recycling, increasing your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance, whilst reducing costs and avoiding land?ll tax.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Collecting your waste and recycling on time, every time, comes as standard in our fully compliant services. the green house can add further value with our management packages, enhancing your business performance by increasing recycling, reducing costs and improving your CSR credentials.

By focusing on waste as a commodity, we can signi?cantly reduce and offset your collection costs by increasing separation for recycling. Add our education packages to this and the green house will ensure that everyone in your organisation understands the whole picture.

We have consistently delivered savings, increased land?ll diversion and improved service levels for our Facilities & Property Management customers by simply looking at things differently. And with our reporting packages, we are able to feed this back to you in real time whilst delivering reporting tailored to meet the needs of your organisation and enhancing the accuracy of your annual CSR Report. [/expand] [expand title=”How we can help with utilities” rel=”features-highlander” findme=”auto”]

We take over as the main point of contact with all utility providers and change the billing address to our own offices where our data processing team scan invoices daily and assign them to the correct asset in our Technology Platform, Campus. We can validate each invoice against both the contract and tariff rates agreed with the utility provider and if there is any faults with the invoice we will contact the utility to resolve it and reissue or credit the invoice. Once it has been validated it is passed through to your Purchase Ledger team for payment. This service has saved significant amounts for customers over the years both from a reduction on their own admin resource requirements but in catching the estimated 20% of energy bills that are incorrectly issued by UK utility providers.

As tenants move in and out of a property we can also ensure that utility companies are correctly informed and details updated to ensure smooth handovers. [/expand] [expand title=”How we can help with sustainability” rel=”features-highlander” findme=”auto”]

All the data we capture and all the data you have can be stored in our Technology Platform, Campus. Which includes a powerful analytics engine capable of producing detailed charts on both sustainability and carbon performance as well as the ability to compare assets to each other, a service we have found customers get real value from in assessing their portfolio. [/expand]

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