Our Technology Platform



V3 of our cloud sustainability technology platform, Campus, provides unparalleled access for our customers to visualise their consumption, services, data and campaigns in meaningful ways. From gathering data to generating charts and figuring out how much money you need to make improvements to your portfolio you can do it all in Campus.

We see more and more companies turning to sustainable performance as a new tool to benchmark performance and we built Campus to enable our customers to do just that. Here’s a quick example: think of your total spend on electricity as a business. How do you analyse that to see whether it is a true figure and there are no ‘problem areas’ such as sites overspending? With Campus you can quickly build a report to take each of your assets and calculate the energy consumption per m2 giving you an instant visual on which of your sites are underperforming and enabling you to take action and reduce cost and carbon in one go.

Most companies use procurement teams  to purchase a service which then sends invoices to a Finance team but day to day responsibility lies with operations. This makes analysing a service such as waste, recycling, water, energy or logistics difficult and out of reach of most businesses.
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