Our Sustainable Procurement Services


With over 450 recycling, energy and equipment companies across the UK and Ireland in our accredited network, green house customers have access to the what we believe is the very best sustainability supply chain in the UK.

Each of our suppliers is carefully checked to have the correct levels of compliance and commitment to quality that we know our customers expect. We have built relationships with our suppliers over the last ten years and have excellent service statistics to back up our choices on who we use to carry out your collections.

Our Service Levels


Our customers tell us that they value high service levels and competitive pricing services and we can command both by adopting a group purchasing approach. Combining your spend with many other companies, will and does deliver exceptional value for money.

Our unique network of Sustainable Procurement consistently delivers well above the industry average, so service levels consistently operate at 99% or more, leaving you to focus on the important things. We recognise that dealing with legislation can be complicated and time-consuming. That’s why everything we do has compliance built in as standard.

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